How to Host a Downton Abbey Inspired Event.

In our last blogpost about event trends, Francois (our grand-mama of sorts) described his love for Old World glamour, an international trend some say have been inspired by the period drama Downton Abbey. This week, we discuss the small details you can add to your event or celebration to make you feel like Lady Mary or, even better, the Dowager Countess.



1. Choose Your Venue.

Pick a venue that will add to that Old World feel. This event was held at the Mount Nelson Hotel, which was perfect due to its detailed wooden finishes and historic arches.


Samsui Events 70TH Birthday Party (5)

We love the detail on the ceiling!


2. Think About Seating.

In the 1920’s long and lavish feast tables were extremely popular, but trends have proven that this social set-up is bound to ensure a great party in any century!




3. Set the Mood.

Lighting is one of the most important ways to set the mood and ambience.
This can determine how successful your theme is conveyed. You will find that several lamps paired with warm lighting immediately transports you to the dramatic Downton Abbey setting.



4. All About the Details.

Have some fun with choosing props and furniture that will add character to the setting. If you are looking for inspiration you can always get those Downton Abbey episodes running!



Samsui Events 70TH Birthday Party (10)

Such attention to detail is what made this event memorable, such as this beautiful china teacup and old telephone.


Samsui Events 70TH Birthday Party (44)

Guests were welcomed into truly feeling at home with touches such as this chessboard and newspaper in a lounge area.



What would an event be without flowers? A selection of orchids were used which just added to the elegance of the event.





Furniture to offer comfort and character was placed all around the venue.