• Francois. FOUNDER

    Francois is the founder of Sorrento Events, the original memory-maker. As he explains, memories are the currency of events. The perfect location, gorgeous décor and designs, delicious food, the finest cocktails and wines and the best entertainment only matter as much as they give clients an indelible experience.

    Francois’s other passion is travel and to let the world inspire his creativity. His worldly perspective delights clients locally, but he also has a habit of leaving us fatherless when he consults and delivers exquisite events globally.

    And yes, we know he is gorgeous. At least he is the one person we can’t say was hired for his looks!


    Originally a Van Tonder, the flower business is in Elmarié’s blood. After living abroad for 17 years, she is again gracing Cape Town with her presence. With an eye for detail she fans the flame beneath the team’s feet, keeping them on their toes. She has raised two beautiful children, which makes her more than qualified for this task. Ever the stylish one, Elmarié chooses to live by the wise words of Coco Chanel: “A girl should be two things – classy and fabulous!”

  • Vasi. CEO

    Vasi brings a bit of Greek madness to the office. She has been at Sorrento for over ten years and is an integral part of the coordination team. Before this, she dedicated fifteen years to the hospitality industry, but as if that wasn’t demanding enough, she pursued an even greater challenge: events.

    Vasi loves seeing her clients’ dreams become a reality, and her favourite flower is the white Phalaenopsis Orchid. She is able to speak three languages, and trying to add a fourth as all she knows how to say in Italian is, “yes please!” Maybe that is all she needs.

  • Samantha COORDINATOR

    Samantha is a small-town girl with big-city ideas and aspirations. She loves Cape Town for its addictive energy and finds that there is always more to explore. And when she embarks on one of her adventures she does so in the right way – with good food and wine. Relationship advice she would give to every couple is to remember to spend time laughing with your partner. It is not a relationship worth having if you can’t be silly together.


    Lynne is a local Cape Town girl and one of the longest-serving Sorrento staff members. She has been working with us for ten years and has become renown as the office mom. She takes care of all of us – whether we need an invoice or a shoulder to cry on.

    Lynne loves her job because it challenges her intellectually, and she enjoys making sure everything is perfect. She is very hard on herself when she makes a mistake, but then she remembers, “Ag, no one is perfect!”


    All the way from Zimbabwe, Solomon found his way to Cape Town to study Financial Accounting. As his journey unfolded, he joined the Sorrento Team where he continues chasing his dreams and goals. The office warms in the morning when he enters with his bright smile and quiet determination. Thanks to him the numbers always add up. On this man you can rely.


    Stephen is our friendly operations manager. He has experience in both operations and sales, having worked at a London based event management company before joining the Sorrento family.

    He is an absolute gentleman, the first person we call when we feel a bit distressed. But he is also very busy, so sometimes we need to twist his arm. Brownies tend to work.


    Floristry is all Ester has ever done. And she is still in love with her profession. Her beautiful flower designs testify to this. Born and bred in Stellenbosch, Ester commutes into the city every day from the lovely town she calls home, to share her talent with us and our clients. After many years spent working with flowers she cannot honestly say that she favours one flower above the rest. They are all so different and she appreciates each one for its unique qualities.


    This florist may be named Lucky, but we think it us who are lucky to have him! Lucky’s favourite aspect of his job is that he gets to be creative, an attribute he develops in his spare time too. Apart from floral bouquets, Lucky also arranges words as a rap artist and comedian. “I love to entertain,” he says.

    When it comes to entertaining the ladies, Lucky likes the element of surprise. He’s the one train who walks up to a stranger and asks, “Has anyone told you lately how beautiful you are?” What a lucky, lucky girl.


    Originally from Cofimvaba, Eastern Cape, Felimon is a stock controller at Sorrento Events. He loves his job because he gets to experience so many things that are different from his own life.

    He says he isn’t great at expressing himself, so we simply want to celebrate what a genuine person he is!


    Thando is known for the quiet way he goes about his daily tasks. We might not hear him, but we see his work get done. He takes everything in stride. A true romantic at heart, his favourite flower is the classic red rose.

    Watch out ladies!

  • Raymond. DRIVER

    Raymond hails from Worcester, but you will usually see him cruising the streets of Cape Town and surroundings in one of our beautiful vans. He has been working at Sorrento for 2 years and loves his job because he gets to see all the sights.

    Raymond does not have any cheap tricks for finding love. His flirting services are truly bespoke; each girl is unique.


    Nolu is our general assistant from Cofimvaba in the Eastern Cape. She does her work with the utmost care and is always willing to share a big smile (or a mischievous grin) – even though she has to put up with all of us.

    Nolu loves her job because it is “so dynamic”. She feels privileged to be a part of every part of the event industry, whether it is floral design or event set up.


    Vuyani, better known as Vuvu, is a general assistant at Sorrento Events. He is from the Eastern Cape, and he loves his job because he thinks it is a big opportunity to work with many beautiful things.

    Vuvu says he also loves the people he works with. When we asked who his favourite is, he smiled sweetly and said, “die baas.”


    Thando is our general assistant who works on site at some of the most prominent hotels in Cape Town. His work involves great responsibility as he ensures that our standards are met outside of the emporium. How does this everyday hero deal with the stress? He says he treats flowers as he would a beautiful woman: with kindness, compassion and grace. That’s our man.