Water Friendly Flowers

The current water crisis is top of mind for every Capetonian these days. As a community everybody is pulling together, sharing their water-saving tips in an attempt to defeat the dreaded Day Zero. As an events company who does all our flower designs in-house, water is a crucial part of our day-to-day activities. Since the public was made aware of the water problems in 2017, we have been making sure that every drop counts.

Now we are sharing our water saving tips with you when it comes to flowers. There is no need to do away with these pretty blooms in the midst of a drought. There are many ways you can still liven up your table without wasting water. Here’s how:


Opt for succulents

A planted succulent arrangement is a popular alternative to flower arrangements. Succulents come in an array of gorgeous pastel colors and some even have a likeness to flowers – a beautiful addition to any arrangement. And most important of all: Succulents only need to be watered once every two weeks.



Get out the spritzer

Lightly misting the blooms with cool water a few times a day will help to keep the flowers fresh-looking crisp between water changes.



Air plants

Air plants are the perfect plant for many different reasons. One of which is that they are very hard to kill. They are such low-maintenance and only require water about once a week, earning them a spot on our water friendly flowers list.



Choose water-wise flowers

Consider opting for the species of flowers that need little water to survive, such as Tulips, Hyacinths, Protea and Fynbos just to name a few.



Go opaque

You may be tempted to change the water more when using a glass vase because you can see it getting a little cloudy. Consider an opaque ceramic vase to hide the water that is still good at keeping the flowers fresh, even if it is not crystal clear.



Plants as a preference

Plants need very little water to survive. There is no need to daily refill a vase with fresh water. Orchids, for instance, only need to be watered once a week. Above and beyond that they are just as beautiful than any flower bouquet and will last much longer.